Another Week Beyond – 2304

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Dear friends, Hope you had many joyful moments with family and friends this Lunar New Year season. During a family circle discussion this week, we were reminded that family is also a commitment to care and friends are an important source of support. After sharing how they spent their holidays, and exchanging festive greetings, Zoe shared that her husband had been …

Another Week Beyond – 2302

Beyond Another Week Beyond, Community

Dear friends,  “I was so worried when I could not reach her. Her phone battery was dead and so I went downstairs to see if I could find her. I was so relieved when I met her and learnt that she had been knocking on the doors of her neighbors and getting them to leave their homes,” recounted Hafizah who …

Another Week Beyond – 2246

Beyond Another Week Beyond, Community, Family circles

Dear friends, Last month we featured Ela her on our Facebook page. She shared her story with us as she wanted to acknowledge how being a part of Family Circles had benefitted her. When her circle met this week, she appeared rather upbeat, and others present complimented her for coming a long way. They recalled how they were deeply concerned …

Nazariah, on the Collaborative Change Agent Programme

Beyond Community, Women

Nazariah is a community enabler and part of the Parents’ Circle in the Collaborative Change Agent programme addressing sexual harassment and sexual violence in her neigbourhood. The programme is one of the ways that we work towards building “restorative neighbourhoods” one of our building blocks in creating sustainable, safe communities.

Read more to find out how and why she decided to take an active stance against sexual violence in the community and how the journey has been for her.

On the Collaborative Change Agent Programme – Sobi

Beyond Community, Women, youth

CW: mentions of sexual violence  In 2018 I was conducting an applied drama programme with 11 and 12 year old girls. During that period, they began telling stories about their experiences of gendered violence, and one girl brought up that she had two cousins who were sexually abusing her. We met with the families involved to facilitate a process of …

Another Week Beyond – 2238

Beyond Another Week Beyond, Community

Dear friends,  We initiated a meeting with 4 mothers who had previously expressed their concern about the well-being of children in their neighbourhood during incidental conversations we had with them.  To break the ice, we asked everyone to raise their hands if they identified with a statement we were going to put forth.  “As a child, I was often in trouble …

Another Week Beyond – 2234

Beyond Another Week Beyond, community, Family circles

Dear friends, After almost a year of meeting monthly online, 6 mothers in a mutual support group met in person for the first time. Each brought some food from home and the mood in the room felt like a reunion of old friends. A few remarked that being in the same room with each other gave them a very different …

Another Week Beyond – 2221

Beyond Another Week Beyond, Community

Dear friends, 6 community fellows chosen by their neighbourhood came together last Saturday to think more deeply about their projects. Between them, they are working on 5 projects which addresses concerns that have received the support of their neighbours. These include enhancing voluntarism among neighbours, helping families overwhelmed with debt, facilitating community access to health and healthcare, sexual safety for youth, and caring …

Another Week Beyond – 2218

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Dear friends, Firstly, Selamat Hari Raya Adil Fitri to all our Muslim friends. Trust that the long weekend was joyous and blessed. The children were busy. They were taking turns to be “packed” into a cardboard box that would be sent to a destination of their choice. “Home” was the most popular destination and they had imagined themselves jumping out …

Another Week Beyond – 2216

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Dear friends, Over the past couple of weeks, we have been distributing Care Packs provided by T-PRIDE and the Temasek Foundation to our members in different neighbourhoods. T-PRIDE was established in November 2020 to enhance community resilience during a pandemic.  The Care Packs contained face masks, sanitisers, mouth gargle and a digital blood pressure monitor. When Ferlynn who lives at the …