Another Week Beyond – 2243

Beyond Another Week Beyond, HeadStrong

Dear friends, 2 youth who were unable to reach our meeting venue on time requested for arrangements to join the session online. We were discussing the topic of failure and they felt a need to register their thoughts on what it meant to them and how it made them feel. “Failure is when you are in a bad place and you …

Shahriza, on Family Circles

Beyond Family circles

 “My name is Shahriza, I am a mother of two kids and 10 cats. I have known Beyond since early 2015 when my kids started participating in their outdoor programmes and art classes. A Beyond volunteer asked me one day if I’m keen to join Family Circles and I agreed since I had some spare time and wanted to meet …

Shariffah, on Family Circles

Beyond Family circles

Family Circles was meant to bring together community members who had further financial difficulties during the COVID-19 period. We wanted to start by acknowledging that low-income communities have the potential and resourcefulness to improve their own financial and general well-being. We trust and invest in low-income families as well as the solutions they discover on their own and as they …

Ela, on Family Circles

Beyond Family circles

“I moved to Singapore 20 years ago from my hometown in Sumatra. I’m very lonely. I don’t have any family here and very little friends. Sometimes I even choose to work on Hari Raya because I don’t have anyone to visit. So I joined Family Circles because I know it would be good for me to meet new people and …

Another Week Beyond – 2242

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Dear friends, 8 youth from different neighbourhoods responded enthusiastically to an invitation to explore how they could lead or be a part of a social action project that they cared about. They told us that they were inspired by mothers in their respective neighbourhoods who organized community activities, spoke to their neighbours about improving their health and cared for older …

Uma and Deyonsi, on the L.I.F.E programme

Beyond Education

It’s not that she doesn’t want to learn or can’t learn. When she’s excited about the subject, when she is very happy, she can learn. In the L.I.F.E programme, the teachers are friendly and she responds very differently. She is more enthusiastic and energetic.

Hazirah, on Learning Circles

Beyond Education

The purpose of Learning Circles is to really try to re-define learning for the children, to empower the children and youth to take ownership of their learning goals, and to allow a more diverse set of topics and subjects to be explored to increase interest in learning for children and youths.  Last year we had a Theory of Change conversation where we …

Nazariah, on the Collaborative Change Agent Programme

Beyond Community, Women

Nazariah is a community enabler and part of the Parents’ Circle in the Collaborative Change Agent programme addressing sexual harassment and sexual violence in her neigbourhood. The programme is one of the ways that we work towards building “restorative neighbourhoods” one of our building blocks in creating sustainable, safe communities.

Read more to find out how and why she decided to take an active stance against sexual violence in the community and how the journey has been for her.

Another Week Beyond – 2241

Beyond Another Week Beyond, HeadStrong

Dear friends, Last Monday, 10 October 2022 was World Mental Health Day. The World Health Organisation (WHO) describes mental health as a “basic human right. And it is crucial to personal, community and socio-economic development.” WHO elaborates that it is not just the absence of mental disorders, but good mental health is having a state of mind where we cope …

On the Collaborative Change Agent Programme – Sobi

Beyond Community, Women, youth

CW: mentions of sexual violence  In 2018 I was conducting an applied drama programme with 11 and 12 year old girls. During that period, they began telling stories about their experiences of gendered violence, and one girl brought up that she had two cousins who were sexually abusing her. We met with the families involved to facilitate a process of …