Nazariah, on the Collaborative Change Agent Programme

Comms Team Community, Women

Nazariah is a community enabler and part of the Parents’ Circle in the Collaborative Change Agent programme addressing sexual harassment and sexual violence in her neigbourhood. The programme is one of the ways that we work towards building “restorative neighbourhoods” one of our building blocks in creating sustainable, safe communities.

Read more to find out how and why she decided to take an active stance against sexual violence in the community and how the journey has been for her.

On the Collaborative Change Agent Programme – Sobi

Comms Team Community, Women, youth

CW: mentions of sexual violence  In 2018 I was conducting an applied drama programme with 11 and 12 year old girls. During that period, they began telling stories about their experiences of gendered violence, and one girl brought up that she had two cousins who were sexually abusing her. We met with the families involved to facilitate a process of restorative justice, alongside the family’s decision to report to the police. After hearing other similar stories of sexual violence, we started talking to mothers in the neighbourhood and got the mandate that this is an issue they wanted to take …