Another Week Beyond – 2137

Beyond Another Week Beyond, Children and youth, community spirit

Dear friends, 

“Look around this room. What memories come to mind?” We posed this question to a group of youth assisting an artist to create a mural that adorns our premises at Whampoa. Spontaneously, one uttered, “Standing around this table like what we are doing now.” He elaborated that he was curious why his friends were gathered at the table and when he joined them, he realised that they were trying to solve an algebra problem. No one could do it and he remembers being very frustrated but it was still a good memory that comes to mind.

Another pointed to the bookshelves where he discovered the story of Peter Pan. “It is about a lost boy with no family and all he needs to do is survive. When I read the book, and how it shared about dreaming big, it made me so happy!” This conversation happened in July, and we were moved by how much our modest premises had meant to these young people. The common experience shared was walking in apprehensive and fearful of meeting so many new people but eventually enjoying speaking with them and learning about their lives.  

From Monday to Wednesday this week, these youths worked with Ohm, the artist from Just Sketch to complete the mural that highlighted their experiences in our programmes and importantly what they are most proud of in their neighbourhood. They are proud of the cleaners who are up as early as 5 pm, the “aunties” who are are always watching over them, giving good advice and often food too as well as the stray cats who seem to be patrolling and protecting the neighbourhood. In short, they are proud and grateful for the generosity, care and concern that assures them that Whampoa is a community that does not give up on them.

2 weeks ago,  I shared that we will be releasing a report on food insecurity in a public rental neighourhood. It is now available here and I would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to a presentation about it on Wednesday, 15 September 2021 from 4.00pm -5.30pm. You may register here to get your zoom link for “People Give, Just Take and Eat”: Food Insecurity and Food Aid in a Public Rental Neighbourhood.

As we continue to provide food aid, we will try to cater them from mothers participating in our income-generation programme so that as we meet needs, we will also build income-generating capabilities among others in the community.  Please support our current food aid campaign by clicking on the banner at the end of this message to contribute.

Wishing you good health and peace of mind.



There are two distinct languages. The verbal which separates people… and there is the visual which everyone understands. – Yaacov Agam