Another Week Beyond – 2151

Beyond Another Week Beyond, youth

Dear friends, 

‘Tis season of giving and last Monday, 19 youth received an experience of normalcy. COVID-19 safety protocol still applied but masks were off once they launched their canoes at the Kallang River. For almost 2 years now, there has been no outdoor activities and this gift from the Singapore Canoe Federation was most thoughtful and timely. The afternoon began with much enthusiasm but as energy waned and the wind made it difficult to return to shore, some grumbles were heard.  However, when it was time to leave for home, everyone concluded that they had a most beautiful and enjoyable day.

As we reflected on the experience, we realized that we did not find the grumblings from the youth irritating as we may have previously. Instead, we experienced it as a comforting familiarity and wondered if it was a conscious and intentional response? Or were we just happy to be out at sea after such a long time, and did not want anything to spoil the day?  We reckoned that this day-out has certainly uplifted our spirits and put us in an optimistic mood in spite of the threat of deeper disruption resulting from the Omicron variant.

COVID-19 has disrupted our lives in a big way, to say the least.  I believe it may also have gotten some of us to consider if we should be going about our lives differently. Perhaps, we have a new purpose, priorities or we have simply resolved to behave or relate to others differently. Whatever it is, something about us ends and something else begins.  

Delivering Delight is a long-time friend of our organization and tonight, they are offering all of us who are receiving this email, a free presentation entitled Everlasting Optimism. It will be from 8pm to 9 pm and you may register here for the zoom link. Once you log in, please proceed to the event calendar (If you are registering for the first time, you may have to check your spam or junk folder for your automated password).  The session will be conducted by Lenny Ravich, a humor and optimism expert and I thought the best way to introduce him is to share something he wrote below:

Look at a palm tree. The uppermost part is green. Those green leaves will eventually become brown and die. At the same time the tree will be sprouting more green leaves. Life and death go on at the same time. The palm tree is not interested in the dead parts. It lets those dead leaves be the memories of what once was. The palm tree is concerned with the green, alive parts that, with its organic intelligence, keep renewing itself upward as if following some inner code. The tree is not involved with defining what success is. It is only engrossed in listening to its inner voice that guides it to its next step.

Perhaps, this presentation could serve you the way the canoeing trip served us.

Wishing you and your loved ones, good health, and peace of mind.