Another Week Beyond – 2216

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Dear friends,

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been distributing Care Packs provided by T-PRIDE and the Temasek Foundation to our members in different neighbourhoods. T-PRIDE was established in November 2020 to enhance community resilience during a pandemic.  The Care Packs contained face masks, sanitisers, mouth gargle and a digital blood pressure monitor.

When Ferlynn who lives at the Yishun neighbourhood learnt that she and her neighbours will be receiving the care packs, she felt strongly that the gift distribution exercise presented an opportunity for neighbours to learn or be reminded about the dangers of hypertension. Many in her neighbourhood faced health challenges and during several community conversations, staying healthy was an aspiration articulated. So, she   contacted Wellness Kampung which was a stone’s throw from her home to explore if they could help with the event she had in mind.

Wellness Kampung is an activity centre for residents, so Ferlynn requested permission to hold the distribution there as the nurses could explain the importance of maintaining normal blood pressure. She also asked if staff at the facility could show her and a few others how to use the digital blood pressure monitor so that they could teach everyone else in their block of flats.

To Ferlynn’s delight the Wellness Kampung shared her enthusiasm and prior the event, their staff trained Ferlynn and other volunteers to use the blood pressure monitor. They also did so after office hours so that the volunteers did not have to miss work. On the day of the distribution, the nurses patiently explained that high blood pressure if undetected increases the risk of cardiovascular problems like heart attacks, strokes, as well as heart and kidney failure.  

We facilitate gifts into neighbourhoods with a view of developing leadership and cooperation among residents as well as collaboration among service providers and other stakeholders. We are most heartened that Ferlynn and her neighbours have assured us that such a purpose is not unrealistic.

For peace, community, and its leaders from within,



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