Careers at Beyond

At Beyond, we believe that our most vital assets are our people. We believe that every individual has different strengths and together, we can build a strong and inclusive community.

Looking for a meaningful and rewarding career where you can be the change that you wish to see in the world? How about a work environment that holds safe spaces and encourages a culture of care and understanding? If the above resonate with you, then look no further. Join us today! 

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Why Join Us

At Beyond Social Services, our people are humble, compassionate, and definitely passionate about building a better society together. Beyonders believe that every individual has a right to equality, or at the very least, a fair and just world to live in. Beyonders believe that every person has strengths in various shapes and sizes, even the most vulnerable of us; and that we can build community collectively if we all come together as one, with each of our superpowers.

We strive to be a community workplace, that practices values and principles we too hope to see in our community. That also means, we are a workplace where diversity and inclusion matter and empathy is always at the heart of what we do. Colleagues are more understanding than average and we always encourage holding of space for those who need it.

At Beyond, everyone is also a community worker and trailblazer, for we take the road less travelled in journeying together with our members in the community, to bring about social change that broadens the world they live in. We are leaders who care less about hierarchy and titles, because we care more about elevating the living experiences of those who are already living on the edge. So there’s no pulling of ranks and every Beyonder’s voice gets heard.

Updated as of 1 Feburary 2023