COVID-19 - Family Assistance Fund


Hello everyone,

Trust you are well during these pressing times and  THANK YOU VERY MUCH for visiting this page. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we have been reaching out to our members (families living in rental flats) to understand how they have been affected. On 3 April, our Prime Minister announced additional "Circuit Breaker" measures which came into force on 7 April.

Many of our members have been hard hit and have lost jobs or had their household incomes severely reduced. Some may not be eligible for government schemes, or they may not be adequate. We therefore want to ensure our members have access to basic necessities, especially given the current situation in Singapore.


To help them tide over this period, we are providing the necessary assistance through our FAMILY ASSISTANCE FUND This is a fund replenished by donations from well-wishers who specifically want their contributions to be utilised for the purpose of stabilising families.

Beyond is currently focusing on 3 key areas:

  1. Food distribution,
  2. Financial assistance, and
  3. Ensuring internet connectivity.

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We are trying to better understand how people are being affected and will be sharing our findings and reflection  on our Facebook & pages