Jiak Ba Buay?

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Dah Makan? 吃饱了吗? Saaptiya? Have you eaten?


Maybe later.

Let my family eat first.

What is Jiak Ba Buay?

Jiak ba buay?’ is Hokkien for ‘Have you eaten?’. 

It is a colloquial greeting to ask if one has had their fill and is also synonymous with asking ‘ How are you?’

Steeped in Asian culture, this expression is commonly used amongst our other fellow Singaporeans as ‘Dah makan?’ in Malay, ‘Saaptiya?’ in Tamil or ‘Eat already?’ in Singlish.


 A term that we often take for granted especially for those who have had well enough to eat, it is through these times of crisis where we are reminded that not everyone has ‘jiak ba’ or eaten their full, simply because they are struggling to get by. 

 Many whose income had been affected by the pandemic, have yet to get back on their feet. 

They still have bills to pay, mouths to feed, and a plate full of fears and worries. 

For some, having 1-2 meals a day is the norm.

Others make the best out of dry food rations, canned foods and frozen food items, with minimal nutritional value. 

Sometimes, parents even cut back on their own portions just to ensure that their loved ones do not go hungry. 

That is why, we ask for your generosity to help these families have enough to eat.
That they do not have to worry about their next meal, nor the nutritional value of the food for which they provide their children.

Read our latest report for a glimpse into the lived experiences of members who have been (and might still be) food insecure: