Key Programmes at Beyond

Community Fellowship

We believe in investing in local leaders who have the mandate from their community to effect changes.

Residents who are passionate about transforming their communities by initiating and incubating a project that addresses a neighbourhood issue may apply for a fellowship with the organisation where they receive training in community development, guidance for their initiatives and a monthly stipend for a year. Fellows need the mandate of others in their neighbourhood and are selected via a democratic, self-organised selection process.

Health Competence

Health Competence aims at building capabilities and capacity of communities to improve their health and well-being.

“Health” and “care” provided by family and friends are important protective factors against social health determinants affecting low-income communities. The programme works at improving a community’s understanding of their health concerns and trains residents to lead projects to meet their collective health needs.

Peer Learning Circles

Peer Learning Circles are self-directed peer learning groups supported by others in the community who have their interests at heart.

They are supported by a community circle made up of volunteer tutors who do not teach, but instead provide academic resources and learning guidance.

Family Circles

Family Circles are mutual help support groups comprising lower-income participants who meet regularly.

During meetings, participants self-report data on their income, savings, expenses, debt and self-improvement efforts. The data is consolidated and returned to the participants to help them monitor their progress. Additionally, information about their skills, interests and motivations that surface during meetings are captured, and participants are introduced to relevant resources and opportunities based on these.

Safe Whampoa

Safe Whampoa is a project that works towards enabling a community that takes ownership in preventing sexual violence. 

It is a neighbourhood effort to address incidences of sexual violence. Both male and female youths, mothers and social workers from the Whampoa Family Service Centre exercised leadership in a collaborative manner toward the desired change.