In the pursuit of remaining relevant and effective for our target population, we are constantly exploring new initiatives that bring a benefits and a positive difference to their well-being and lives. These projects also encourage innovative thinking and the application of our capabilities in new ways that facilitate professional development, refreshing our practice, perspective and purpose. Often, these endeavours bring us into collaborations with others and heighten the value of partnerships, shared responsibilities and pooled resources.  Of course, collaborations present a set of challenges, but we take them on in the spirit of our community development ethos.

In 2019, two such projects got off the ground:

Community Independence Initiative

Mutual help among the lower income facilitated by information and opportunities curated from the data analytics of their skills, interest and motivations

Health Competence

Building the capabilities and capacity of communities based on the view that “health” and “care” provided by family and friends are an important protective factor against social determinants of health

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