We facilitate and channel goodwill of volunteers and donors for the well being of youths and children.

LIFE works through community engagement and partnership

Who we reach:
Youths from less privileged families and neighbourhoods

Who’s involved:
Family groups, grassroots, police, youth agencies, our larger community

What we do:
Provide a nurturing environment to help fend off delinquency and other potentially harmful behaviours

How we do it:
Community Engagement – We build relationships with youths, engage them in community activities and hook them up with community resources.

Restorative Neighbourhoods – We nurture a conducive environment that helps youths stay on the right track but if they fall off, get back on their feet.

Community Partnership – We are the facilitators for volunteers and the wider community to positively contribute to the lives of disadvantaged youths.

I am looking to:

If you’ve got some or a lot of change to spare, every dollar you donate will better the lives of disadvantaged children through our programmes.

Find out more about volunteering with us and sign up as an individual or in a group. Come join us in serving over 3,000 families and 6,000 youths.

If you’re a school, community group, government body or a voluntary welfare organisation seeking to improve the lives of disadvantaged young people, we’d love to partner you.