Redhill Community Mapping

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Dear all,

Beyond Social Services is recruiting volunteers to work on a community mapping project. Please take a look at the information below and contact Carmen at if you have questions or wish to sign up.

Project Title: Redhill Community Mapping

About the Project
We are working on a community health report for the Lengkok Bahru zone which includes Block 71 and 72 in Redhill. Through observation and intensive interviews, we hope to collect rich data about the needs/priorities, assets and aspirations of the residents in these blocks. This data will serve to deepen the understanding of various stakeholders in the community, including residents themselves, and stimulate local response via collective action.

Research question:
What are the needs, priorities, aspirations and assets in the Redhill community?

What needs to be done:
Volunteers will be guided to approach residents and local organisations for interviews, and observe neighbourhood characteristics.

The learning from this process will be used to (a) identify key issues in the community, (b) bridge residents’ needs to existing resources in the community and wider society and (c) build on shared aspirations and assets in the community.

Primary deliverables:
(1) Notes from interviews and observations (a template will be provided)
(2) A list of assets, needs and aspirations that were identified

Secondary deliverable (if volunteers are interested to continue):
(1) A compiled report and presentation of findings

Support provided by Beyond Social Services:
(1) Training, resources and guidance on community mapping
(2) Tips on house visit etiquette as well as basic interview skills
(3) Templates for recording and sharing notes from observations and interviews
(4) Interview prompts/questions for different groups

Project duration: Last 2 weeks of June

Volunteers required: 4-5 pax

(1) Some experience with qualitative research (E.g. interviews)
(2) Exposure to community mapping or community development (good to have)
(3) Ability to converse in dialect and local languages as some residents may not be entirely proficient in English (good to have)

What we can offer:
(1) Students will be awarded community involvement hours.
(2) Volunteers will learn valuable community research skills, gain exposure to community development work and learn about rental flat neighbourhoods in Singapore.