The Community Theatre (TCT) celebrates its 5th Anniversary this 22nd-28th Aug!

In this week-long celebration, we will be giving grounds to voices, friendships and theatre, touching on social issues that matter such as health and poverty, and art as a platform for advocacy.

We invite you on this experiential journey with us. So  lend us your ears, your voice, and thank you for  joining us in this space as part of the conversations.

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About The Community Theatre 

The Community Theatre (TCT) is an initiative by Beyond Social Services that rallies volunteers from different walks of life to co-create a show that engages its audience to reflect on social challenges faced by children and families from low-income backgrounds.

Since 2015, The Community Theatre has developed into a youth development programme that engages both rental and purchased-flat youths to produce interactive performances based on personal experiences.

These performances are toured to various rental flat communities which enables youth volunteers to contribute back to their own community despite their challenging situations. Through these performances, audiences are encouraged to contribute their thoughts about the issues at hand through a safe and interactive experience of theatre.

TCT supports Beyond Social Service's cause in helping disadvantaged youth and their families move beyond their problems. To contribute, click here

The Block Party Screening
22 - 28 August

What makes a party happening?

Do we need food, music, people and space?
What if we don’t have any of them?
Can we still party?

The Block Party is a docu-performance
that unravels issues often blindsided and misrepresented. Assemble with the tribe
and embrace the discomfort as we
celebrate small joys among our struggles.
Ready to party?

Directed by: Rizman Putra
Asst Director: Izzaty Ishak

The Block Party was performed to a full
house at the Esplanade Theatre in
As part of TCT's 5th Anniversary, we will be screening the performance online in collaboration with The Projector for one week only!

Click here to watch The Block Party any time from 22-28 August!


Giving Ground To Voices:
A Human Library Experience
25 August, 7.30pm

Giving Ground to Voices is an intimate Human Library Experience that allows you to hear the strengths, vulnerability and rare encounters of individuals involved in
The Community Theatre.

             You will hear voices of community artists, youth volunteers, social workers, community workers as they share their personal reflection; friendships that have been built; their mindset shift of the arts and social issues that surround them.

As we give grounds for these voices, we would like to invite you to share your voice in the space and be part of the conversation.

Workshop duration: 2 Hours

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Giving Ground To Friendship:
"Something In The Air" Scriptread
27 August, 7.30pm FB Live

Giving Ground for Friendship is a scriptread followed by a panel discussion that explores the importance of Friendship and Art towards tackling social issues.

TCT youth volunteer artists  will be reading an abstract of a devised original script titled "Something In the Air". It was produced as part of an intergeneration project between The Community Theatre and Theatre for Seniors that touches on the intersection of Health and Poverty in Singapore.  It is then followed with a panel discussion of our lead volunteer artists Cheri Hu and Syania Sharuddin and our collaborators Alvin Tan, Founder & Artistic Director from The Necessary Stage and Evon Chua, Senior Manager from Yishun Health. It will be a chance to discuss how friendships, building allies and creating an inclusive space of diverse voices are essentials to tackle social issues.

Audience are encouraged to ask the panel questions about the topic.

Duration: 2 Hours

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Giving More Ground:
Panel Discussion
28 August, 7.30pm FB Live

Giving More Grounds is a panel discussion that concludes The Block Party Screening as part of our 5th Anniversary celebrations.

Facilitated by Assoc Prof Teo You Yenn, our panelists will cover topics such as art as a platform for marginalized voices, the ideologies and praxis of TCT and more. Discussions may get deeper in this one as we  evaluate the value and acessibility of art for marginalized communities.

Panelists include Rizman Putra (Director, The Block Party) , Ngiam Su-lin (Producer, The Block Party and Executive Director, ArtsWok) and Izzaty Ishak (Lead Artist, TCT and Community Worker, Beyond Social Services.

Audience are encouraged to ask the panel questions about the related topics.

Duration: 2 Hours

Click here for more information on our panelists.