Board Committee - Terms of Reference

Appointment & Nomination Committee (ANC)

The nomination committee plays a critical role in ensuring stability and renewal of key leadership position within the organisation. It identifies and recommends suitable persons for various positions within the Board of Management and its Board Committees. It is also responsible to appointing the Executive Director.

Audit & Risk Committee (ARC)

Responsible for oversight of the possible organizational risks and the receipt of audit results both internal and external. The committee assists the Board of Management to fulfill its corporate governance and overseeing responsibilities in relation to the organization’s internal control system, risk management system and internal and external audit functions. Its role is to provide advice and recommendations to the board within the scope of its terms of reference

Finance and Administration Committee (FAC)

The purpose of the Finance and Administration Committee is to oversee the financial reporting process, assure the fiscal stability and long-term economic health of the organisation. The Committee ascertains that financial planning for the organisation is supportive of and fully integrated with the long-term plans and mission of the organisation. The Committee provides policy oversight of fiscal management, strategic guidance to those responsible for the organization’s day-to-day operations and regulatory compliances. The Committee also broadly oversees the organization’s physical assets: its land, buildings, equipment, and technology infrastructure and reviews the adequacy and condition of capital assets and policies.

Fund Raising Committee (FRC)

The purpose of the Fund Raising Committee is to direct donors and donations to Beyond Social Services to nurture the support base needed to carry out the mission of the organization. This would include developing a fund-raising strategy, a yearly plan of activities and programmes, and working in tandem with Finance and Admin Committee, that should eventually lead to operating reserves.

Information Technology Committee (ITC)

To guide the organisation in developing an IT infrastructure that enables and facilitates the progress of the work. The committee will draw out a road map that paces development with available resources, operational readiness and an on-going development plan to enhance the staff’s competency by utilising and optimising IT in our work.

Investment Committee (IC)

The purpose of the Investment Committee is to direct and monitor the investment of the assets of the charity for the sole interest of the beneficiaries. The Committee is to discharge its duties with due care, skill and diligence as a prudent investor would under natural circumstances.

People Development Committee (PDC)

The People Development Committee is responsible for assisting the Board of Management to oversee the implementation of sound compensation and robust personnel policies that bring about a vibrant and committed staff and volunteer workforce that enables the organisation to fulfil its mission. 

Programmes and Services Committee (PSC)

The Programmes & Services Committee is responsible for assisting the Board of Management to oversee the relevance and effectiveness of programmes and services. It works closely with the staff to determine the service direction, and to enhance capacity and capability in programme execution. The PSC also delegates the management of some programmes or key functions to sub-committees.
Currently, there are 2 sub-committees that oversee:
a. The Healthy Start Child Development Centre
b. The Information & Technology Capabilities for the long-term engagement of our members
Collectively, success is when we can connect an estimated 45 000 disadvantaged children and youths to resources in the mainstream. The PSC works with the staff towards this goal.

Healthy Start Child Development Centre Management Committee (HSCDC MC)

To govern the Healthy Start Child Development Centre in accordance with the standards set by the The Early Childhood and Development Agency (ECDA) – the regulatory and developmental authority for the early childhood sector in Singapore. To guide and support the Principal and to keep the programme aligned with the mission of Beyond Social Services.

Public Relations Committee (PRC)

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for overseeing communication and relationship building efforts that continually strengthen the positive regard stakeholders have for the organisation.